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More Snow Headed for the Rockies

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Last week and weekend, a big storm moved into Colorado dumping as much as 30 inches over parts of the Front Range.  Loveland received almost two feet total, while A-Basin got even more.  Unfortunately, my timing was horrible as far as when I hit the slopes.  Saturday was when the snow came to an end, and supposedly was one of the best days of the season at Loveland.  I didn’t make it up on Saturday because I had to get some work done that I was too lazy to do before.  As it turned out, I really shot myself in the face by not going up on Saturday.

Sunday was a disappointment to say the least.  It didn’t help that I forgot my boots… in fact that made it significantly worse.  I had left my pair of Rossi Brigades with EdgeWorks in Denver to have their original bindings remounted and hadn’t gotten around to picking them up yet.  I completely forgot that I had left my boots with them as well, until Sunday morning when it was too late.  So for the first time in probably seven years I had to rent boots.  The rental shop at Loveland was a total disaster.  It took me 30 minutes just to rent a pair of crappy boots.  It’s not that Loveland was crowded that day, because it wasn’t (it’s almost NEVER crowded at Loveland, even on weekends).  However, just about every other ski rental shop in the state besides A-Basin and Loveland had closed for the season, so that meant everyone who had to rent was renting at the mountain.

Also, we weren’t having the bluebird day I had expected.  It was snowing again (not that that’s a bad thing), but the wind was insane, forcing Lift 9 to close, which I was really bummed about, and the wind had pretty much blown all of the fresh snow off the mountain it seemed.  Combined with it being skied out the day before (at least at mid mountain), there were icy patches everywhere.  This, combined with low visibility and crappy ski boots that I never felt comfortable or stable in at all, led me to call it a day by 11:30.  It was one of my biggest ski day disappointments I can remember, just because I had such high expectations.  Oh, and it didn’t help that when I woke up this morning I heard that Loveland had received another 8 inches of fresh overnight, meaning today was a powder day.  But to anyone who was lucky enough to make it up for today’s surprise powder day, good for you!

But if you were also one of the unfortunate souls like myself (though I hope you were smarter than I was and skied on Saturday) who skied Sunday and not on Saturday, fear not because more snow is on the way!  The next couple of days will be warm, in fact Wednesday could be very warm, but on Thursday another major storm rolls through, which according to, could be even stronger than last weekend’s storm and should last for a few days.  And then, get this, even more snow could be heading into Colorado afterwards!  Loveland should have a great closing weekend, and I’m going to try as best as I can to make it up there on Friday, although I’m considering A-Basin as well.  Supposedly, the Basin was skiing great all weekend, which is awesome news considering how much they struggled for most of the season.

As for backcountry skiers, be careful because there’s a combination of slab avalanche danger on north and western facing slopes, and wet avalanche danger on south and east facing slopes where the heavy snow accumulation will quickly warm up and turn into unsupportable slush.

As for Loveland and A-Basin, Loveland will close next Sunday, on May 2nd, but A-Basin will still be open for another month.  Get after the powder while you can!  Better that northern Colorado gets good snow late than never!

Written by Alan

April 26, 2010 at 6:30 pm

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